Expert teams, crafted to deliver on every project.

“WALA brings significant power to the table: experienced executive leadership, adaptable teams, and fantastic creative people”

Collaboration Defines Our Essence

At WorkAround, we embrace the power of collaboration as our creative compass. It’s the soul of what we do, the energy that breathes life into our ideas, and the essence that defines us.

We are here to help the people behind brands in overcoming their challenges through communication strategies.

Our team blends business wisdom with an entrepreneurial spirit. This means that we bring not only experience and rigor but also an insatiable curiosity to discover new ways of doing what we do.

WALA! is WorkAround Latin America Corp. Miami

It’s the sound of collaboration, of teamwork. It embodies the magic that arises when we join forces to achieve the extraordinary together.

Our name, WorkAround, was carefully chosen to mirror our core philosophy. We are committed to seeking solutions through collaboration, making it our mantra, and forging synergistic relationships with teams, agencies, clients, allies, partners, and suppliers.

Meet your team

Group 25

Strategic Consulting
Business and Growth Strategy
Transformation and Innovation
Culture and Change Management
Customer Experience
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Group 21

Creative Connections
Creative Innovation
Creative Strategy
Communication Platforms
Creative Strategy and Concepts
360° Content
Digital Community and Social Media Content
Design (across all touchpoints)
Connectivity Strategy
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Innovative Experiences
Events and Brand Experiences
Brand Activations
Promotional Marketing
Trade Campaigns
HR/Internal Marketing Campaigns
Digital/Apps/Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
Bots/Artificial Intelligence/Voice

Our Culture:

Collaboration, Flexibility, Innovation.


Strategic and Creative Services

We are strategic and creative thinkers from and for the Latin and Hispanic market. We make our brands relevant by cutting through the attention clutter and generating long-term value with campaigns and programs built to last and spread.

Deliverables and Digital Production

We transform ideas into high-quality visual impact. Our production team understands the needs and challenges of brands, bringing powerful visual concepts to life that emotionally connect with consumers.

Platforms & Technologies

Our experience with brands of every size, growth stage, and business model. Tell us where you are and we’ll meet you there.


Our strength lies in an ever-evolving set of core competencies, nimbly combined and refined into a custom solution for our clients and their brands.

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